Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Planner #2

Finally here are the instructions and printables for the 2nd Christmas planner. This one requires no chipboard (unless you want to) no hole punching and no book rings!

You will need:
2x 12"x12" pieces Cardstock
Printer paper/light card
Christmas papers (scraps can be used)
Bone folder (or something to score lines with)
Chipboard (optional)

1.Take a piece of 12x12 cardstock that you want to use as the base for your planner. You will need to make 4 score lines. 1 line at 3", 1 at 6" and 1 at 9". Then rotate your cardstock 90 degrees and make another score line 4" in from the edge.

2.Now fold the bottom edge of the cardstock on the 4" line into the middle. This will be the pocket.

3. Concertina the card on the other lines. Fold in half at the 6" line (so the pocket section is on the outside) then fold inwards on the other 2 lines.
You will end up with something that looks like this:

4. From a different coloured piece of cardstock cut 4/5 pieces measureing 2 3/4" x 7 3/4". These will be the inserts for the pockets.

5. Now you need to print out the calender, gift, card list etc pages.
You can find 8 different printable pages here. Choose the 4 that you want to use and print them on a light weight card.

6. Trim each element so there is 1/8" on the sides and approx 1/4" from the top and bottom. This will ensure that they fit onto the card inserts you previously cut. Attach the pages to the coloured card inserts with a brad so that you can swivel the pages. I stuck my calender pages onto 2 separate pieces and put 1 behind the other in the first pocket.

7. Now you can decorate your planner.
I kept mine quite simple and just stuck some patterned paper on the pockets and added a title with my dymo.

8. For the front cover I covered 2 pieces of 3" x 8" chipboard but you could just use some card or patterned paper to decorate the front if you don't want to use chipboard.

9. Add some ribbon so you can tie the planner closed and you are finished!

I hope that you have enjoyed this little tutorial. If you create one of these planners we would love to see! Feel free to link a picture in a comment here on the blog or come and share with us on our Facebook Page.

Hugs and Periwinkles,


  1. Maxine, this is great. You must be so organised! Love the colours, really cheerful. Maddy x

  2. this is really cute Maxine!!!