Sunday, 6 November 2011

Re-usable Christmas Planner Tutorial & Printables!!

Welcome to our Free mini tutorial on making a re-usable Christmas Planner! With only 47 days until the big day and shops showing all the Christmas decorations and presents it's a great time to start getting organised!

For this project you will need:

- 2x 6"x6" pieces of Chipboard
- 2x 1" book rings (you can also use 2" depending on how big you expect ypur planner to get!)
- Christmas Papers
- 1 sheet of 12"x12" Acetate (or several smaller pieces!)
- Letter Stickers (I used mostly ones that came in my Echo Park collection kit)
- Plain white Card
- Printer
- Hole Punch (I used my cropadile)
- Optional Ribbon & Embellishments

Here is my example created using left overs from my last years Christmas paper collection. You can use any Christmas papers you may have in your collection (my papers were Echo Park) or we have a whole Christmas section in the shop here.

Step 1: Cover your Chipboard with your chosen papers (I was using part sheets so my front and back covers are different!).

Step 2: Trim your acetate down to size. You need at least 4 6"x5 1/2" pieces. I had printed acetate so used this. You can use plain acetate or create your own pattern acetate by stamping Christmas images onto it using acrylic paints. Your pages will be 6" high and 5 1/2" wide.

Step 3: Create tabs for each of your acetate pages by cutting a small piece of paper to approx 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Fold in half and round the corners. Then attach to either side of your acetate piece. Repeat for each page but line up your tabs one below the other.

Step 4: Now punch your holes in the covers and acetate pages. I punched mine at 1 3/4 " from the top and bottom and 1/2" in from the side.

Step 5: Now you can decorate your acetate pages. I kept mine simple and just made a title block for the middle of each page. You will need a 'Gift List', 'Card List', 'Menu' and 'Shopping List' title. Also add a word to each of your side tabs so that you can easily jump to a section of your planner.

Step 6: Create or buy a small envelope. Mine measures 5" x 5". Punch holes so that the envelope is central in the book and add a 'Receipts' title block to it.

Step 7: Now you can print your inserts. I would recommend printing on some light card (I have used a plain white cardstock pack from Wilkinson!)

The following printables are PDFs and are sized to fit this album.

Click here to go to the website and print the FREE printables!

Step 8: Trim down your printed elemants so that you have 1/2" on the right hand side of each table and 7/8" on the left hand side. This will ensure that your pages will fit perfectly behind each acetate page divider. (also make sure the height of each page is no more than 6"!) You only need 1 each of the calendar pages but you can print off as many of each of the others as you need.

Step 9: Now add your pages to your album using your book rings. You can choose the order you wany your pages to go but for an idea mine is:

Calendar Pages
To Do List
Gift List Acetate divider
Gift list Pages
Card List Acetete divider
Card List Pages
Shopping List Acetate Divider
Shopping List Pages
Menu Divider
Menu Pages
Receipt Envelope

Step 10: Finally decorate the front of your planner. I simply took some card and layered it up with a snowman sticker and some alphas. I stuck this down with a piece of ribbon threaded through the middle so that I can tie my book closed and added some ribbons to my book rings.

By using acetate as your divider pages this will make your planner more durable as you will be likely to be turning pages quite a lot if you used paper/card they would be more likely to rip.

Using book rings ensures that you will be able to put in more pages as you need them and for future years all you need to do is print more of the pages and you can use the planner all over again!!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this mini tutorial and that the planner and our printables are of use to you. If you make a planner we would love to see, feel free to share on our Facebook page or leave a link in a comment here.

Maybe this planner is not your style? Then watch out for next Monday when we will be having another mini tutorial on a different re-usable style planner with no need for hole punches, chipboard or book rings!!

Until then, hugs and periwinkles,