Thursday, 2 February 2012

February Kit - Yo Yo Tutorial

Hi Everyone! It's Alexa back with another layout using the February kit. I really wanted to use the fabric squares that come with the kit and so I decided to make a yo yo flower embellishment for my page. They are really easy to make, even if you're a non sewer! In addition to the kit you'll just need a needle & thread.

First you'll want to fold over one of the edges of the fabric about a 1/4" and using a running stitch, sew all the way along the edge.

Pull the thread tightly so that the fabric bunches up and repeat the above step along the next edge and the whole way along the fabric, so that the fabric forms a circle. 

To finish off sew a button on the middle and you've got your yo yo!

Here's my finished layout. 


  1. lovely, it looks great. How big was your fabric square to make a yoyo that size pls?

    1. Hi Ali, I just used the fabric square that came in the kit as is. It was 4x4". Hope that helps!