Sunday, 29 July 2012

One Word One Technique #31

Hi everyone,
time for another One Word One Technique
For a reminder of how 'One Word, One Technique' works, click here for Maxine's introduction.

The prompt for wk 31:
Technique - Sewing
Word - Cherish 

Which for me meant another entry into my very old little worn book that i picked up at a car boot sale recently.
I gathered together the Acrylic paints,Smooches,Sepia Glossy Accents,Distress ink pads,Prima Doodle Deux Papers,assortment of stcker alphabets and some thread.
I was going to use my wonky tonky sewing machine BUT the needles keep breaking..hmmmm so i used a needle and made little stitch lines without the thread pretty randomly to start with.
Taking a needle and thread i added a few little kisses and stitched the lines on the right hand flower PLUS if you look at the right page it was starting to tear away SO i stitched a rough little line through a few pages to hold it all together. 

I love how this entry in my little old book turned out and will cherish it for sure.
I hope this has inspired you to have a go yourself and if you do "Please" pop back and let us know so we can visit you and leave some love.
Till next time

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